Friday, June 15, 2012

Project 52 | Week 24 | Broken Down Momma

who was hysterically crying for 2 hours today?

on her baby's birthday?

because she just wants these people out of her home and to stop fucking everything up, making a mess, taking shortcuts, not following through, and ruining her whole life at the moment?

couldn't me be. 

But I can confirm I haven't peed in 16 hours because we don't have a working toilet.  So I'm dehydrated, doing the pee pee dance, and  pissed off still about this tile installation.  So much so that the tile company has been out twice today to "make sure everything is happening" because of the late night bitchfest they received on their voicemail after they left and left us without a working bathroom, sink, tub, shower, or anything resembling an appropriate way to pee (or shower). And I've already made them rip out 2 sections of tile because it looks like someone on crack did it. I'm sure they love the crazy white lady.

but you know, I only have 40 people coming over to my house tomorrow.  no biggie.


I'm never doing major construction again.  We won't even have our bathroom done until next week.  but at least they'll be gone today and we'll have a bathroom.  with a toilet. and a shower.  to bathe my baby.  who turned 1 today.  and shave my 4 days of leg hair.  and wash the mascara that somehow ran off my eyes and is now, mysteriously, on my cheeks.  but you know, no biggie.  
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