Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 52

Developments This Week:
  • Molar is still coming in but I think it broke through, it's hard to get a finger back there to check. 
  • Dropping his 2nd feeding of the day, down to 3 feedings a day.  He's doing really well asking for his milk (we decided go with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk) or his smoothies.  
  • Growth spurt.  Bye bye size 4 shoes, like overnight.
All of a sudden his chunk got a little less chunky.  That and his 18 months pants are now the appropriate length.  His 12 month pants are too tight and too short so he hasn't been wearing them for a while, but the 18 month pants are definitely right on now.  He's just so long and lean.  And since he's started flying around the house on those feet lately, he's really seeming leaner.  He's still got a belly though, don't worry.  We are trying to get him to eat more snacks, constantly offer him smoothie, and make sure he's getting as many calories as possible.  His favorite foods are still cucumbers though, which have no calories.  Buh.  Healthy kid.  

I cannot believe this is our last weekly photo.  It was a devil to get, we finally gave up on getting a lying down one.  Plus with the construction in the house it's hot so he was just walking around redneck style for the better of the day and loved it. He likes to pat his belly. :) He'll be one Friday.  1 year old.  He's so big and so fun and his personality is wonderful.  We are so lucky to be his parents.
this was after we gave up on lying down.  
He kept "readjusting" his quilt.  It was hilarious.
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