Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 51

A day late, hard keeping track with Coach home from school! We took the photo yesterday but got busy and forgot to post last night. woopsies!
Not really into the picture this week. Poor tooth. :(
Developments This Week:

  • Getting our first, first molar.  Woo-hooo. :(
Lloyd is really bookin' it around the house now, even with shoes on.  He kinda walks as if John Wayne 's brain was put in Frankenstein's body and then given a quart of whiskey, but it's still absolutely incredible to watch him walk around every day.  We still haven't gotten use to it. It makes him look like an even bigger kid.  And he wants to walk everywhere we go: grocery store, shopping, you name it.  Not a fan of being carried or in the shopping cart.  Which is a pain but at least Coach is home for the summer so no big deal (although I really want one of these now).  Our baby is walking.  

We also scored big time at a friend's garage sale last weekend and got him a whole rubbermaid full of clothes in 2T and 3T.  In hindsight I should have gotten even a few of her bigger sizes but these should last us a good long time, we're pretty stocked on clothes again except for PJs.  Which is good because he was outgrowing so many of his clothes and we had no more hand-me-downs left to dig from after the current batch he's now wearing.  Can't believe my baby is in 18month/2T tops and 18 month bottoms.  Just crazy.  So tall! bah!

I've been slowly trying to get things for his birthday party ready.  The house is such a MESS from all the demo on the bathroom and our stuff from the closets being spread around the house.  I do not know why it would take them even 5 days to do our bathroom since it's going to be ready to lay tile the second they get in since we did all the demo and prep ourselves, but if they do I'm going to be a wreck trying to get this place ready for company next saturday for the party.  Always cutting it close! ugh, why!

P.S. have you seen this? Omg how cool, cement glowstones!  If we ever pour more concrete for a patio we are doing this (and adding these glowstones). I mean, bada$$ness!
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