Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy First Birthday Lil' Bear

June 15, 2012

Dear Lloyd-

It is your first birthday! A year ago today you entered our lives and forever changed our entire world.  Those first few weeks were so stressful and new. We could not imagine a time when you would not be a helpless, crying baby who never slept.  But here we are, 365 days later, and you are such a curious little boy.
Gone forever is the little baby who would only burp for Daddy or poop on him every time he wore a blue shirt, the little man who could not make up his mind whether to eat or sleep. You and I not only survived the first weeks of breastfeeding, cluster-feeding, and your milk protein intolerance--but you turned into an amazing little nurser.  So amazing, you are almost refusing to wean and I dread the day you no longer want "our" milk.
You walk, you chat all day, you are so curious, you point to things only you can see. You absolutely love taking your tools and "fixing " things.  You are a boy who loves his Papa only marginally less than you love your Daddy.  I am somewhere above bananas but beneath watermelon an cantaloupe.  Until you are tired and hungry; then I'm number one on your list.
I probably will never be able to express my awe at your life and presence.  You'll have your own child one day and then, then you might grasp how much we love you.  And how much we love you even more every day.  This crazy, all-encompassing, life changing love.  You are ours and we will always be yours.
I hope we don't screw you up too much. YOuare pretty darn awesome so far. Big boy.  Happy Birthday.

Always yours,
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