Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cost Savings: An Estimate

I've been curious about how many diapers we really do change around here at Crocker Industries.  We changed so many those first few months that I can't even tell you how many a day. But I know our 22 diapers were washed every 36 hours or so.  So a lot.  Then suddenly around 6-7 months he really slowed down and we developed an ammonia problem because I was letting them sit too long since we were going through less each day. So now we use a smaller wet-bag and wash every second day, so we go through about 6-10 diapers a day. On average, mostly now it depends on how many times he poops rather than pees since cloth is wicked absorbent.

But then I got thinking, I know we have a pretty good estimate of how many diapers we have changed since using disposable liners rather than buying a diaper sprayer.  Coach wasn't too keen on the idea of having to spray poop off a diaper, so I succumbed to pressure since he's been pretty awesome with me being all hippy-like about the diapers and cloth wipes.  We stopped using the liners at night since he doesn't poop while asleep, but during the day the liners make it so easy. We've tried a few liner brands after settling on the Bumkins for good, but here's how I figured out how many we've used and how much they've cost us:
Total Cost: $32.92

So in 6 months we have almost racked up the cost of a diaper sprayer, yes.  But happy husband = happy mommy.  They estimate that disposables cost (an average) of 0.28 cents each.  But Lloyd had major issues with rash (and leaks, and blowouts, and just plain smell) in the just 2 weeks we used the disposables from the hospital, so I'm sure we would have ended up using either the Earths Best Diapers or the 7th Generation Diapers, which usually run you a bit more (of course) and don't run as many coupons.  Plus on those 2 occasions (the first 2 weeks and our California vacation when Lloyd was 2 months old) we had to use disposables, we used almost twice as many 'sposies as we ever did cloth during the day.  Our BumGenius are just so much more absorbent (my Fuzzibunz microfiber inserts aren't as absorbent for some reason, but are somewhere between the two, even if they fit better).

So total, we have changed roughly 1400 diapers since Lloyd started solids.  1300 daytime + roughly 100 night time (without liners) = 1400!! I feel like it should be more, that I'm missing a purchase of some kind of liner, but I couldn't find any record of it.  We cut the first roll we had in half, the second roll cut into thirds, and the bumpkins cut into quarters!  So yeah.... And if you use the average disposable price:

.28 cents a diaper x 1400 diapers = $392 - $33 in liners =  $359 in savings

In just six months.  That is crazy.  And we've slowed down dramatically on how many diapers we change, so that's probably only 2/3 of what we've saved from the previous 6 months.  Considering we spent less than $200 on the cost of the diapers themselves (between getting a few from my shower, and using almost all the cash or available returns to buy additional before we even dipped into our own money), that's amazing.  We probably changed almost double that amount in those early months, so yeah... add that up! Plus we don't have the cost of diaper ointments, we haven't ruined any outfits, and he has only ever worn one outfit a day.  No blow outs win again!

Admittedly, we did invest another $134 in wool and fitteds to solve the whole "we have a toddler who has intense wetting at night and will leak through everything", but even then we still saved over $200. That's $200 we are able to take on our Washington vacation. Or to buy food with.  Or to save for his college.  Whatever, it's "free" savings.  It's nice to see what our financial repercussions are, even if it's only a general estimate.  It just reaffirms our choices to take on cloth diapering.

It's easy once you get into all of it to see how they estimate the cost savings of cloth diapers at $2,000 - $2,500.  Incredible.  Yay fluffy booties! If you are interested in FuzziBunz diapers, their website has great resources.  If you are interested in becoming a FuzziBunz Affiliate because you already love their products, you get some great benefits!
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