Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Too Big Baby Lloyd

We ran out of cotton PJs last night when Lloyd woke up at 2 AM leaking through his diaper and had to change him (which never has happened!). We've never had a leaking problem but this week this is the second time. I guess we are going to have to look into wool diapering at night, but this isn't all that unexpected since they start peeing more around a year old.

But we put him in his "Star People" (Coach loves Ancient Aliens on H2) PJs, which I had bought on clearance with an additional coupon. In 2T!! And with the exception of the pants being a bit long, fit.

Too big baby Lloyd! Too big! These PJs make him really look like a toddler. Which, by the way, when are they officially a "toddler" vs a "baby"? Lloyd is so tall and lean (not too much baby fat on this kiddo) that he gets mistaken for much older anyway already. But hard to believe he'll be 11 months next week too! Arg! Too big bawby 'oyd (as his cousin calls him).
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