Friday, May 25, 2012

Project 52 | Week 21 | Independence

We have had a rough week.  Every day it's a toss up which baby we will get.  Happy, content, playful Lloyd. Or cranky, temper-tantrum prone, disgruntled baby Lloyd.  Yesterday he had a full-on meltdown in Target right as we walked in. He wouldn't go into the cart and he wouldn't walk, just plopped down in the isle and screamed bloody murder.  He'd stand up long enough to grab my legs and cry, but he's so young they don't understand punishment so you have to just let them cry. And scream. And flail.  He gets this from his Aunt Caitlin.  So many memories of her doing the same thing.  Genetics. :)

But the walking has opened up such a wide range of things to his eye-sight and he's having a lot of fun discovering.  He can stretch so high and play with things on higher shelves, he can reach different toys without any help, he is even trying to climb. Which is both a curse and a blessing.  The wonder-week at 46 weeks is his last and they last the longest, so I think this behavior is partially remnant of the WW.  Last week he was total crank all-day, now it's occasional and unexpected.  But katy bar the door when it happens. yikes.
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