Friday, May 11, 2012

Project 52 | Week 19 | Hawk Eyes

He managed to wreak terror on these bottles (from a soccer fundraiser waiting for pickup) while I hung his diapers up.  He started from his bedroom and crawled all the way to the dining room, tore these up, and was moving onto the dog's water bowl--his favorite play area.  I swear, it's not hard to just think "oh, I'll go gather the laundry in the other room he'll be fine" and he's elbow deep in dirty dog water with some mysterious substance on his belly.  They need serious protecting, from themselves.

But also enough independence to be allowed to be creative and play.  Curiosity isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes they can be attracted to the things that can hurt them.  So you never get to just "turn off" that mommy instinct.  Ever. Never-ever.

But it's amazing watching him play.  
Mom, why are you still taking pictures? Come Play!
And yes he has a lot of toys suddenly, between the borrowed toys and a generous neighbor we've got a bunch suddenly. Some are going to his Grandparents for him to play with today.
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