Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 50

my favorite outtake from his birthday card photo. heehee
Developments This Week:
  • Walking!
We officially have a walker.  He walks everywhere. Especially when he thinks you're not paying attention. He even walked all over his grandparents house yesterday afternoon.  It's crazy.  Every day, less and less crawling and more and more walking.  I cannot believe he's old enough to be walking, but he turns 1 in two weeks.  

No one can prepare you for the speed in which your children grow up.  You truly do have to witness it yourself.  My sister is going to just fall over when she sees him in a few weeks.  We bought our tickets to fly to Washington and I'm sooooo stinking excited to spend a few weeks with her.  When we flew with Lloyd to Los Angeles he was 2 months old and still such a sleepy little guy.  Now we have a 4 hour flight with a curious little walker.  Who is more entertained by people and different surroundings than any toy.  So it's going to be interesting.  We tried to schedule the flights during one nap time and his happiest play time.  The 2 hour time change will also be interesting.  Luckily we are bringing our cloth diapers so really all we have to worry about is bringing the car seat and stroller, checking them at the gate, and him not being that kid on the airplane for all 4 hours.  I don't even know if I'll start weaning until after we're back.  The though of refusing him the breast and a cranky baby on the plane makes me twitch.

But it'll be so much fun!  yay! Also took his photos for his birthday party invite (so late on this!)--our neighbor 2 doors down has an adorable 2 year old who Lloyd plays with outside regularly and she came down to visit.  He even shared his watermelon (the only way we could get him to stand still and happy during photos). How cute are these two (and donnie hoping to snag some dropped watermelon)?
My brother in law is officially headed down-range as of yesterday at 4:30a.m. (pacific) time.  So if you're a prayer person, keep him in your prayers. He should be in country by the end of the week.  Afghanistan specifically.  He will be back in January (February at the latest).  While his second deployment, it's still hard to know he'll be there so far from us.  He's Lloyd's Godfather and so we had to honor him in his photo (in addition to the yellow ribbons now adorning our front yard trees).
You come back safe Uncle Jon, you hear?

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