Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 49

Developments This Week:
  • Walk walk walk.  But only if he's got your hand.  He will pitch a fit if you try to carry him and he wants to walk. This now includes when we are out--he wants to walk entire stores.  Can't be long now, once he gets over his fear.  He always does well when he takes a few unassisted steps but I think it scares him more than anything, so he'll just plop down and crawl.
  • Signing "all done" a few times.  At Coach.  What a Daddy's boy.  
For the next 3 weeks our house is about to be chaos.  We start ripping up carpet this weekend, demo-ing our shower, and rendering our bathroom unusable.  I'm moving all my clothes into the guest room closet so I don't have to even go in there.  Next step is moving all my sink/vanity stuff into the guest bath medicine cabinets so we are all out of that bathroom.  Which isn't that big of a deal now that it's pretty much done.  We'll rip up the linoleum in that bathroom very very last.  They day we are both half-in-half-out of each bathroom once they start laying tile will be the worst.  But hey, it only took us 2 years to commit to tile and getting it done. It's our own fault.

So hopefully Lloyd won't even notice, since he's back to (mostly) being pretty chill.  His sleep has vastly improved the past 4 days and everyone is feeling more and more rested.  Although, of course, I'm now leaking all over the place during the night from the reduced demand.  It's always a dilemma to pump or just deal with the discomfort until it decreases.  If it was 6 months ago I'd pump thinking we'd need the reserve: now, I'm just sucking it up because we've got a little milk left and we're only 3 weeks away from his birthday.  

Speaking of which, the debate on giving them cows milk vs. soy/almond/coconut milk is intense.  People get their panties in a wad and seem to be very adamant about their views.  Although everyone's points are all, to some extent, totally unrepresentative of actual facts or historical reasoning behind current choices.  They get up in your face about it and don't even know what they're talking about, presenting lots of partial truths.  Regardless of whether they're right or not, that kind of stuff irritates me.  It's on my list of things to ask our doctor.  Especially with Lloyd's early milk protein intolerable, I am still a bit nervous to give him whole milk.

On a side note, getting these pictures is brutal every week. He does not lay down anymore.  It took me 30 minutes and about 200 shots to get this.  What a maniac! Plus the shirt is one of the last 12-month things left in his closet and it's not really long enough to cover his big belly, so I finally gave up on that and just went with the belly shot. :)
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