Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 47

Developments This Week:
  • A few more unassisted steps. He is doing it with purpose almost daily and it's so exciting.
He will be standing, let go, and you can see him making serious thoughts about it while tapping his foot (usually his right one), then will take at least one step.  He took two towards his PawPaw on Monday and was so excited when he did it.  I think he'll be walking this month for sure.  

We finally got him a walker from the resale store and Coach and I both agree we should have bit the bullet sooner. He's been taking that thing across the house all day since we got it.  Our friends also let us borrow a whole slew of toys, and he's obsessed with this Riding Alphabet Train--although he doesn't ride it as much as push it around and play with the letters.  They also let us borrow an activity table he loves to play with in the bathroom (we try not to give him too many toys at once, so we've separated them by where he plays during the day) and a little musical table dealie he's not quite sure of yet so doesn't really use unless he wants to stand up.  

It's a lot of lights and music in the house all of a sudden since Coach and I have so far preferred to buy him simpler toys (blocks, sorting toys, letter/numbers, play tool sets, etc.).  But on the flip side, he's gotten bored with the toys we have had for him so he's playing better again.  I've read numerous times how you need to limit the number of toys they have and rotate them, so I guess we'll start doing that more.  I was good about it for a while then his play mat exploded with crap and it took a really long time for his toy chest to stop smelling of paint fumes so I could put them away.  That and Coach is the worst about just giving him tons of random stuff to play with, so he gets overloaded. I'm constantly putting junk away.  I'm too OCD to have all that crap laying around. Not to mention it freaks Lloyd out and doesn't play with anything when there is too much going on.

I had a root canal on Monday and my jaw is still sore.  It's really yuck but my tooth was so painful. now I just have to get my crown put on.  I have horrible teeth! I mean, seriously! I'm 27 and half my tooth just fell off and I needed a root canal! Thanks so much, there goes a ton of money. Ugh.

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