Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 46

Developments This Week:
  • His walking is getting more and more stable with less and less assistance.
  • Some very swollen gums and is biting everything again, looks like teeth 9 and 10 are on their way shortly.
It's been kind of quiet around here. Lloyd is in a wonder week and has made some play-time leaps all of a sudden (putting things back where they came, grouping, noticing shapes, stacking, etc.).  But unlike the previous ww's, this one didn't seem to effect his disposition as drastically.  He's just less interested in playing alone and wants to follow you everywhere.  Which is ok, he's so chatty and animated (LOTS of pointing) that it's really fun to play with him.  He "talks"  Even when we are out, especially when we are at the grocer store.  He talks to people, points out groceries, loves the produce section, it's absolutely hilarious.  The old ladies love him. :)

I cannot believe he's 10 and a half months.  This year has flown by so rapidly I still feel amazed, every day, by this little creature that has inhabited our lives.
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