Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mommy Diary: 48 Weeks

Developments This Week:
  • More and more standing independently. Lots of standing!! But he'll only take one step then stretches his long little self and can reach anything.  Although he did face plant once because he wouldn't even step, just stretched.  String-bean.
  • Signing back "more" to us occasionally at meals.
  • Overall, his communication is taking huge leaps.  I can generally tell what he wants at any given time. It's amazing! How far we've come from the "baby blob" phase!
Little guy's sleep schedule has been crappy for the past week or two.  I finally got him to only one nighttime feeding (there were 2 nights last week with a 1:00am, 4:00, AND 6:30 wakeups. Awful!).  Coach thinks he's got a tooth coming in that we can't see. I have no idea.  I'm just glad we've got him to only the 4am.  Except last night he woke up leaking through his diaper at 1:30--when I changed the diaper (I had no choice! He'd only been in it a few hours and he was soaked) the diaper itself wasn't even wet. I don't know how but I think I've got to strip that diaper, it's repelling. Which I've never done.  Fun.  I've still got to get my research on fitteds and wool together.  Goodwill does 1/2 off on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (today) so I'm going to go try and get some wool sweaters on big sale to make into the wool covers, regardless.  

He's eating really really well.  Big lunch and dinner meals, and as long as I offer him some smoothie (yogurt and fruit, usually with a spoon full of natural peanut butter for extra protein), he does really well at breakfast. We've also started offering a snack when Coach gets home because usually he likes something to eat and Lloyd gets jealous.  We've got to get some extra weight on him.  It's not that he's too skinny, but he continues growing and needs the calories, protein, and nutrients.  He's grown more since we've started all this with the smoothies and snacks because he's filling out a little, we think.  His little budda belly is so cute. :)

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