Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy Diary: 11 Months

Developments This Month:
  • Walking Walking Walking.  With minimal hand holding
  • Signing. Even if occasionally. 
  • Tons of pointing.  Pointing to where he wants to go, to the toys he wants, to food he wants more of, you name it--pointing and talking. 
Oh baby Lloyd, where has the time gone? You are almost a year old!  That is too fast!  I have to start really thinking about when to have his party and how to do it. I'm nervous to have a bunch of kids running around at the house but it is the cheapest option.  I'm just afraid they won't have enough to do.  Even though Lloyd is too young for games and stuff I need to have them for the older kids.  It's so tempting to have the party elsewhere.  What to do? Suggestions?
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