Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Sewing

For whatever reason I go through big spurts with my sewing.  I've had a bunch of projects lined up on my cutting block and waiting for me for a while.  So much so that the pile was getting ridiculous. For whatever reason, starting this t-shirt tie quilt got me back on the horse.  One of Coach's managers cancer came back so I took some of the shirts he had in storage and made a t-shirt quilt--my first one.  The back was the blank t-shirt back and the girls all signed it and wrote sweet messages to her.  I felt really good making it and hope it brings her joy in these difficult days she has ahead.

Our little helper playing hide-n-seek 
Then while I was cutting those quilt pieces I finished cutting the pieces for ABC's (aka baby #2, yet to be conceived--no we are not yet trying) quilt. I know I won't be into sewing if I have morning sickness like I did with Lloyd, plus I'll be chasing after him, so I know I need to get it mostly done before we even start down that road.  I've got half completely pieced together and another few rows to add on after I iron them. The worst part of sewing, to me, is ironing your pieces. I don't know why.  But I hate getting the ironing board out!
Quilt. Part of it.
Then I cut out the tool belt pieces for Lloyd's birthday party since we finally picked a theme. He's obsessed with his Daddy and PawPaw's tools and loves to "practice" screwing things with his own play set.  So we though we'd have a tool party, and while I hate the whole concept of party favors I had a bunch of scrap khaki fabric and the cute stripe fabric that I figured would make cute souvenir tool belts for his little friends.  So yay for free fabric leftover party favors. I've got to finish top-stitching, piecing together, and putting the "belt" part of the tool-belt on, but the hard part is done.
Cut Tool Belt Pieces
cool enough for boys and girls. :)
I'd bought the fabric for this holiday table runner during the holidays but never got the necessary batting to make it.  When I got the batting for the quilt I just went ahead and got enough to make this baby.  I still have to make the matching cloth napkins but the hard part is done.  It looks rather cute. I'm looking forward to having it on our table this winter. :) Although I kind of wish I'd done more quilting to it instead of only doing 1" lines, done something more like 1/2". But oh well. You live, you learn.
Tutorial from Prudent Baby
So that's it! Now that all that space is now free on my sewing table, maybe I can get around to fixing more of our BumGenius diapers that have lazy leg elastic.  It's just so boring and not fun!  Bla.  
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