Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Lloyd Sign Language - "More"

Holy moly! It works!  We've gotten steady progress over the last few weeks I'd say.  We get a little bit of 'all done', 'Dadda', and 'up'.  But today, out of nowhere, I got a massively purposeful 'more' during breakfast. He didn't want the smoothie through his sippy cup but was taking it out my glass, and I wasn't giving it fast enough I guess.  I can't believe he even let me catch it on camera!

The book we bought is this one (Baby Sign Language Basics) and it is super clear and easy.  We've not been super great about using the signs all the time, but there are a few ('all done', 'more', 'thank you') that we've been pretty good about. Way to go Baby Lloyd!
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