Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 50

my favorite outtake from his birthday card photo. heehee
Developments This Week:
  • Walking!
We officially have a walker.  He walks everywhere. Especially when he thinks you're not paying attention. He even walked all over his grandparents house yesterday afternoon.  It's crazy.  Every day, less and less crawling and more and more walking.  I cannot believe he's old enough to be walking, but he turns 1 in two weeks.  

No one can prepare you for the speed in which your children grow up.  You truly do have to witness it yourself.  My sister is going to just fall over when she sees him in a few weeks.  We bought our tickets to fly to Washington and I'm sooooo stinking excited to spend a few weeks with her.  When we flew with Lloyd to Los Angeles he was 2 months old and still such a sleepy little guy.  Now we have a 4 hour flight with a curious little walker.  Who is more entertained by people and different surroundings than any toy.  So it's going to be interesting.  We tried to schedule the flights during one nap time and his happiest play time.  The 2 hour time change will also be interesting.  Luckily we are bringing our cloth diapers so really all we have to worry about is bringing the car seat and stroller, checking them at the gate, and him not being that kid on the airplane for all 4 hours.  I don't even know if I'll start weaning until after we're back.  The though of refusing him the breast and a cranky baby on the plane makes me twitch.

But it'll be so much fun!  yay! Also took his photos for his birthday party invite (so late on this!)--our neighbor 2 doors down has an adorable 2 year old who Lloyd plays with outside regularly and she came down to visit.  He even shared his watermelon (the only way we could get him to stand still and happy during photos). How cute are these two (and donnie hoping to snag some dropped watermelon)?
My brother in law is officially headed down-range as of yesterday at 4:30a.m. (pacific) time.  So if you're a prayer person, keep him in your prayers. He should be in country by the end of the week.  Afghanistan specifically.  He will be back in January (February at the latest).  While his second deployment, it's still hard to know he'll be there so far from us.  He's Lloyd's Godfather and so we had to honor him in his photo (in addition to the yellow ribbons now adorning our front yard trees).
You come back safe Uncle Jon, you hear?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Project 52 | Week 21 | Independence

We have had a rough week.  Every day it's a toss up which baby we will get.  Happy, content, playful Lloyd. Or cranky, temper-tantrum prone, disgruntled baby Lloyd.  Yesterday he had a full-on meltdown in Target right as we walked in. He wouldn't go into the cart and he wouldn't walk, just plopped down in the isle and screamed bloody murder.  He'd stand up long enough to grab my legs and cry, but he's so young they don't understand punishment so you have to just let them cry. And scream. And flail.  He gets this from his Aunt Caitlin.  So many memories of her doing the same thing.  Genetics. :)

But the walking has opened up such a wide range of things to his eye-sight and he's having a lot of fun discovering.  He can stretch so high and play with things on higher shelves, he can reach different toys without any help, he is even trying to climb. Which is both a curse and a blessing.  The wonder-week at 46 weeks is his last and they last the longest, so I think this behavior is partially remnant of the WW.  Last week he was total crank all-day, now it's occasional and unexpected.  But katy bar the door when it happens. yikes.

Guest Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

This guest bathroom remodel has been a long time coming. I originally started removing the horrible wallpaper back around thanksgiving.  Then we were side-tracked by the holidays. I found a painter through Coach's dad but he ended up flaking out on us and by the time we called the new guy, fixed the electrical snaffu with the vanity lighting, and finished the paper removal he already had another job lined up.  So it's just now been textured and painted.  After living with this horrible paper for 2 and a half years, the bathroom looks so amazingly different it's shocking.  I want to paint the cabinets white, but at least now it's not a construction zone.

So Part 1 entailed getting the wallpaper off and then having the walls textured and painted.  And when you always have a "helper" it takes longer than expected:
my helper

And After:

the beautiful white doors and trim. *sigh*
This is probably the most accurate representation of the wall color
Overall, so excited to get it finished in a few weeks.  Although we'll be living out of this bathroom until it's all done.  We've got to rip carpet out and demo the shower in our master bath this weekend so Coach has enough time to get the plumbing changed then get cement board up and paint it with this rubber/glue stuff that is like the holy grail of water barriers.  Installers come the 11th and it should take a week.  Fingers crossed it's done for Lloyd's party.  Ugh. Will our house never be under construction right before a party?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 49

Developments This Week:
  • Walk walk walk.  But only if he's got your hand.  He will pitch a fit if you try to carry him and he wants to walk. This now includes when we are out--he wants to walk entire stores.  Can't be long now, once he gets over his fear.  He always does well when he takes a few unassisted steps but I think it scares him more than anything, so he'll just plop down and crawl.
  • Signing "all done" a few times.  At Coach.  What a Daddy's boy.  
For the next 3 weeks our house is about to be chaos.  We start ripping up carpet this weekend, demo-ing our shower, and rendering our bathroom unusable.  I'm moving all my clothes into the guest room closet so I don't have to even go in there.  Next step is moving all my sink/vanity stuff into the guest bath medicine cabinets so we are all out of that bathroom.  Which isn't that big of a deal now that it's pretty much done.  We'll rip up the linoleum in that bathroom very very last.  They day we are both half-in-half-out of each bathroom once they start laying tile will be the worst.  But hey, it only took us 2 years to commit to tile and getting it done. It's our own fault.

So hopefully Lloyd won't even notice, since he's back to (mostly) being pretty chill.  His sleep has vastly improved the past 4 days and everyone is feeling more and more rested.  Although, of course, I'm now leaking all over the place during the night from the reduced demand.  It's always a dilemma to pump or just deal with the discomfort until it decreases.  If it was 6 months ago I'd pump thinking we'd need the reserve: now, I'm just sucking it up because we've got a little milk left and we're only 3 weeks away from his birthday.  

Speaking of which, the debate on giving them cows milk vs. soy/almond/coconut milk is intense.  People get their panties in a wad and seem to be very adamant about their views.  Although everyone's points are all, to some extent, totally unrepresentative of actual facts or historical reasoning behind current choices.  They get up in your face about it and don't even know what they're talking about, presenting lots of partial truths.  Regardless of whether they're right or not, that kind of stuff irritates me.  It's on my list of things to ask our doctor.  Especially with Lloyd's early milk protein intolerable, I am still a bit nervous to give him whole milk.

On a side note, getting these pictures is brutal every week. He does not lay down anymore.  It took me 30 minutes and about 200 shots to get this.  What a maniac! Plus the shirt is one of the last 12-month things left in his closet and it's not really long enough to cover his big belly, so I finally gave up on that and just went with the belly shot. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Project 52 | Week 20 | Playtime

Started with airing out his diaper area because we have a mysterious rash.  I'm even waiting on a call back from the pediatrician because it's not going away and it's been a few days.  Poor little guy cries when you wipe him and nothing helps. :( So distraction is key.  Yay $10 splash-mat from walmart! And the only advantage to it already being 95 degrees, it's perfect weather for him being outdoors and playing with the hose already.

I couldn't help it. :)

silly boy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mommy Diary: 48 Weeks

Developments This Week:
  • More and more standing independently. Lots of standing!! But he'll only take one step then stretches his long little self and can reach anything.  Although he did face plant once because he wouldn't even step, just stretched.  String-bean.
  • Signing back "more" to us occasionally at meals.
  • Overall, his communication is taking huge leaps.  I can generally tell what he wants at any given time. It's amazing! How far we've come from the "baby blob" phase!
Little guy's sleep schedule has been crappy for the past week or two.  I finally got him to only one nighttime feeding (there were 2 nights last week with a 1:00am, 4:00, AND 6:30 wakeups. Awful!).  Coach thinks he's got a tooth coming in that we can't see. I have no idea.  I'm just glad we've got him to only the 4am.  Except last night he woke up leaking through his diaper at 1:30--when I changed the diaper (I had no choice! He'd only been in it a few hours and he was soaked) the diaper itself wasn't even wet. I don't know how but I think I've got to strip that diaper, it's repelling. Which I've never done.  Fun.  I've still got to get my research on fitteds and wool together.  Goodwill does 1/2 off on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (today) so I'm going to go try and get some wool sweaters on big sale to make into the wool covers, regardless.  

He's eating really really well.  Big lunch and dinner meals, and as long as I offer him some smoothie (yogurt and fruit, usually with a spoon full of natural peanut butter for extra protein), he does really well at breakfast. We've also started offering a snack when Coach gets home because usually he likes something to eat and Lloyd gets jealous.  We've got to get some extra weight on him.  It's not that he's too skinny, but he continues growing and needs the calories, protein, and nutrients.  He's grown more since we've started all this with the smoothies and snacks because he's filling out a little, we think.  His little budda belly is so cute. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy Diary: 11 Months

Developments This Month:
  • Walking Walking Walking.  With minimal hand holding
  • Signing. Even if occasionally. 
  • Tons of pointing.  Pointing to where he wants to go, to the toys he wants, to food he wants more of, you name it--pointing and talking. 
Oh baby Lloyd, where has the time gone? You are almost a year old!  That is too fast!  I have to start really thinking about when to have his party and how to do it. I'm nervous to have a bunch of kids running around at the house but it is the cheapest option.  I'm just afraid they won't have enough to do.  Even though Lloyd is too young for games and stuff I need to have them for the older kids.  It's so tempting to have the party elsewhere.  What to do? Suggestions?

May Sewing

For whatever reason I go through big spurts with my sewing.  I've had a bunch of projects lined up on my cutting block and waiting for me for a while.  So much so that the pile was getting ridiculous. For whatever reason, starting this t-shirt tie quilt got me back on the horse.  One of Coach's managers cancer came back so I took some of the shirts he had in storage and made a t-shirt quilt--my first one.  The back was the blank t-shirt back and the girls all signed it and wrote sweet messages to her.  I felt really good making it and hope it brings her joy in these difficult days she has ahead.

Our little helper playing hide-n-seek 
Then while I was cutting those quilt pieces I finished cutting the pieces for ABC's (aka baby #2, yet to be conceived--no we are not yet trying) quilt. I know I won't be into sewing if I have morning sickness like I did with Lloyd, plus I'll be chasing after him, so I know I need to get it mostly done before we even start down that road.  I've got half completely pieced together and another few rows to add on after I iron them. The worst part of sewing, to me, is ironing your pieces. I don't know why.  But I hate getting the ironing board out!
Quilt. Part of it.
Then I cut out the tool belt pieces for Lloyd's birthday party since we finally picked a theme. He's obsessed with his Daddy and PawPaw's tools and loves to "practice" screwing things with his own play set.  So we though we'd have a tool party, and while I hate the whole concept of party favors I had a bunch of scrap khaki fabric and the cute stripe fabric that I figured would make cute souvenir tool belts for his little friends.  So yay for free fabric leftover party favors. I've got to finish top-stitching, piecing together, and putting the "belt" part of the tool-belt on, but the hard part is done.
Cut Tool Belt Pieces
cool enough for boys and girls. :)
I'd bought the fabric for this holiday table runner during the holidays but never got the necessary batting to make it.  When I got the batting for the quilt I just went ahead and got enough to make this baby.  I still have to make the matching cloth napkins but the hard part is done.  It looks rather cute. I'm looking forward to having it on our table this winter. :) Although I kind of wish I'd done more quilting to it instead of only doing 1" lines, done something more like 1/2". But oh well. You live, you learn.
Tutorial from Prudent Baby
So that's it! Now that all that space is now free on my sewing table, maybe I can get around to fixing more of our BumGenius diapers that have lazy leg elastic.  It's just so boring and not fun!  Bla.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Coach knows me so well. He got me the best present EVER.  2 of these:

Amazon Book Giftcards.  Can you hear the angels singing?  I bought 7 books.  I'm still on a book high! I opened them and immediately got my Kindle to buy them.  I've been avoiding purchasing any new books because we're really watching our spending so I've been re-reading books I haven't read in ages.  And by ages, I mean since junior high.  In my super dork days I loved Dune.  Don't hate. 

So I bought the books that have come out in series I either was reading before Lloyd was born, or read during all those late-night feedings. I read a few dozen books while nursing in the middle of the night because it was quiet and kept me awake (I have the great kindle cover with the light that didn't even bother Lloyd and helped me watch his latch simultaneously, best pre-baby indulgence of all time).  

So I have a lot of catching up to do and this seriously got me on my way for 95% of the books I've been wanting.  Woop! Here's what I bought:
Books books books!! bahhh!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Project 52 | Week 19 | Hawk Eyes

He managed to wreak terror on these bottles (from a soccer fundraiser waiting for pickup) while I hung his diapers up.  He started from his bedroom and crawled all the way to the dining room, tore these up, and was moving onto the dog's water bowl--his favorite play area.  I swear, it's not hard to just think "oh, I'll go gather the laundry in the other room he'll be fine" and he's elbow deep in dirty dog water with some mysterious substance on his belly.  They need serious protecting, from themselves.

But also enough independence to be allowed to be creative and play.  Curiosity isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes they can be attracted to the things that can hurt them.  So you never get to just "turn off" that mommy instinct.  Ever. Never-ever.

But it's amazing watching him play.  
Mom, why are you still taking pictures? Come Play!
And yes he has a lot of toys suddenly, between the borrowed toys and a generous neighbor we've got a bunch suddenly. Some are going to his Grandparents for him to play with today.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Lloyd Sign Language - "More"

Holy moly! It works!  We've gotten steady progress over the last few weeks I'd say.  We get a little bit of 'all done', 'Dadda', and 'up'.  But today, out of nowhere, I got a massively purposeful 'more' during breakfast. He didn't want the smoothie through his sippy cup but was taking it out my glass, and I wasn't giving it fast enough I guess.  I can't believe he even let me catch it on camera!

The book we bought is this one (Baby Sign Language Basics) and it is super clear and easy.  We've not been super great about using the signs all the time, but there are a few ('all done', 'more', 'thank you') that we've been pretty good about. Way to go Baby Lloyd!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 47

Developments This Week:
  • A few more unassisted steps. He is doing it with purpose almost daily and it's so exciting.
He will be standing, let go, and you can see him making serious thoughts about it while tapping his foot (usually his right one), then will take at least one step.  He took two towards his PawPaw on Monday and was so excited when he did it.  I think he'll be walking this month for sure.  

We finally got him a walker from the resale store and Coach and I both agree we should have bit the bullet sooner. He's been taking that thing across the house all day since we got it.  Our friends also let us borrow a whole slew of toys, and he's obsessed with this Riding Alphabet Train--although he doesn't ride it as much as push it around and play with the letters.  They also let us borrow an activity table he loves to play with in the bathroom (we try not to give him too many toys at once, so we've separated them by where he plays during the day) and a little musical table dealie he's not quite sure of yet so doesn't really use unless he wants to stand up.  

It's a lot of lights and music in the house all of a sudden since Coach and I have so far preferred to buy him simpler toys (blocks, sorting toys, letter/numbers, play tool sets, etc.).  But on the flip side, he's gotten bored with the toys we have had for him so he's playing better again.  I've read numerous times how you need to limit the number of toys they have and rotate them, so I guess we'll start doing that more.  I was good about it for a while then his play mat exploded with crap and it took a really long time for his toy chest to stop smelling of paint fumes so I could put them away.  That and Coach is the worst about just giving him tons of random stuff to play with, so he gets overloaded. I'm constantly putting junk away.  I'm too OCD to have all that crap laying around. Not to mention it freaks Lloyd out and doesn't play with anything when there is too much going on.

I had a root canal on Monday and my jaw is still sore.  It's really yuck but my tooth was so painful. now I just have to get my crown put on.  I have horrible teeth! I mean, seriously! I'm 27 and half my tooth just fell off and I needed a root canal! Thanks so much, there goes a ton of money. Ugh.

I just became a FuzziBunz affiliate to support these great cloth diapers we love.  If you are a FuzziBunz mom or are interested in also getting the great benefits from advocating cloth, visit the affiliate site and sign up.  If you are interested in trying out FuzziBunz, the best information can be found directly from the FuzziBunz site.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mommy Diary: Easter

Finally got around to posting Easter Photos.  They were so good. Lloyd loved it, he got his first ribs and is still playing with the eggs. They're the perfect size for his tiny hands.
Family Photo after mass
he's so wiggly it was near impossible to get a good photo with the lillies

He loved playing with the eggs at the family hunt
PawPaw helped with the egg gathering

His great Aunt Debbie snagged him some snap peas, hence the face
look dad, no hands!

Genetics is a scary thing
Family Photo a the celebration

Just a few cute photos of the little bear from Coach's family's big Easter celebration.  :)

Too Big Baby Lloyd

We ran out of cotton PJs last night when Lloyd woke up at 2 AM leaking through his diaper and had to change him (which never has happened!). We've never had a leaking problem but this week this is the second time. I guess we are going to have to look into wool diapering at night, but this isn't all that unexpected since they start peeing more around a year old.

But we put him in his "Star People" (Coach loves Ancient Aliens on H2) PJs, which I had bought on clearance with an additional coupon. In 2T!! And with the exception of the pants being a bit long, fit.

Too big baby Lloyd! Too big! These PJs make him really look like a toddler. Which, by the way, when are they officially a "toddler" vs a "baby"? Lloyd is so tall and lean (not too much baby fat on this kiddo) that he gets mistaken for much older anyway already. But hard to believe he'll be 11 months next week too! Arg! Too big bawby 'oyd (as his cousin calls him).
I just became a FuzziBunz affiliate to support these great cloth diapers we love.  If you are a FuzziBunz mom or are interested in also getting the great benefits from advocating cloth, visit the affiliate site and sign up.  If you are interested in trying out FuzziBunz, the best information can be found directly from the FuzziBunz site.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Project 52 | Week 18 | Facing Fear

Lloyd is 10 and a half months old.  At twelve months babies are safe to wean themselves.  We've done baby-led weaning and it has definitely worked for us, he is down to 4 dependable feedings a day and he is still steadily gaining weight (his rolls are returning now that he's caught back up after being sick last month). He's a great, independent, healthy eater.  But I am so afraid and dreading weaning.  Like terrified.  I've written about it but not posted it a half dozen times because it seemed silly: 12 months was so far off. Now it's only weeks.  Weeks!  I'll have a one year old!

If you know Lloyd you know when he breastfeeds are predictable: waking up, morning nap time, afternoon nap time, and bedtime.  They say the nap feeds are the first to go. Honestly, I think the night time feeding will be the first for Lloyd because he will let Coach rock him to sleep and he will fall asleep without feeding already (he just wakes up hungry).  The morning feeding is probably the next one, I can substitute some kind of milk, and maybe then he'll actually eat some breakfast (now he kind of just plays with it since he's still full from breastfeeding).  But the naps  He is going to hold onto those feeds forever if I let him.

That is what scares me to death.  No mater what we have tried, he still will only nap with a feeding.  The past few weeks he has started to feed, roll of me, and sleep for about 30-45 minutes right next to me.  But even that is dependent on the feeding and the day.  

I'm not afraid of the weaning as in him getting older. I'm afraid of what weaning could mean for his naps if he isn't allowed to do it on his own time like BLW advocates, if we have to (for some reason) force him to wean.  Like, say, I get pregnant and my milk goes away or it is too painful with the hormones from pregnancy.  What if all of a sudden there's nothing for him and one day he goes from his normal nap, to screaming and wanting the breast, but it is no longer an option.  What then?  Most of what I love about BLW is the child decides (for the most part) when to drop their feeds--ensuring that it's not what is dictated by a book or "feeding schedule", but by what the child's body requires.  

I can't stop thinking about it.  But on the bright side, Coach will be home this summer and will be able to help transition Lloyd from our normal to whatever develops.  That's kind of our plan, to tag team the transition after his birthday when we can both tackle Lloyd's nap dependency together.  Thank God for my wonderful husband.