Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 52 | Week 16 | Project

Boy oh boy was this week full of projects that needed to get done.
  • Pantries put back together after being gutted, spackled, painted, and shelving installed.
  • Bathroom being textured and painted.
  • Guestroom being painted.
  • Cloth wipes being made for our transition over to them from disposables.
And, shockingly, they all were finished early or on time.  Which considering we've had a sick-ish baby and I got struck with some kind of stomach/intestinal bug for the last 3 days or so, is impressive.  Feels good to have all this stuff done.  

We even picked out tile, we just have to go order it and choose the layout, for the bathroom.  Which I've been shopping for for what seems like forever.  So now that the bathroom walls are done we can get that tile in (after the medicine cabinets and new fixture get put in).  It looks great!
The pantries fit so much more now that the shelves make sense, I've even managed to empty out a whole cabinet in the kitchen, thus allowing me to put things invading our counter space into the cabinet and making it less cluttered.... sometimes.  :) I love our pantry now!! It makes sense! It's organized!  I want to live in it.  Yay for The Container Store's awesome people who helped us get the space and shelving we needed out of the tiny little closets, especially since we scored it all during their Spring Elfa sale. Yeah buddy. Look at the pretty pantry:
The cloth wipe's I've been putting off for a while.  They just creeped me out! Mostly because what to use as the solution just seemed too confusing, plus the whole "preventing mold" and all that stuff.  So I kinda decided to try just keeping them dry and use a spray-bottle loaded with water, a drop of tea tree oil and lavender oil, and a drop of baby soap, and see how that goes. The hospital sent us home with like 3 extra receiving blankets we never touched or used since Lloyd hated the swaddle, so I cut those up and made the wipes out of that.  So a no-cost solution.  Except for the oils, which were expensive but will last forever since you only use a drop.  So we'll see. Coach still refuses to use anything but disposables for the poopy diapers (and I'm kinda on board with that), and so at least we'll be using cloth 75% of the time.  Better than nothing, especially considering we're just now starting to run out of the stash of disposable wipes we received as gifts.  10 months isn't too bad.
Now I can check all that off my list!
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