Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 45

My posts from last week that were supposed to go live never did (no clue why), so if you missed them: last week's Project 52 and yesterday's love letter.

Developments This Week:
  • Added the word "duck" to our repertoire, even if only at bathtime.  
  • Out of almost all 12 month clothes, it's the pants we're still using.  He's got short little legs (like me) so far. 
Lloyd's sleep has been all over the place since he was sick a few weeks ago and I have no idea when it'll be back to "normal".  We never make it more than a few weeks without him starting to wake up at night for some reason or another, but it's usually even then on some kind of pattern.  This changes from night to night (12:30 one night, 2 and 6:30 another, 4:00 the next, etc.).  And if it's regular mid-evening wake-up's somehow your body quickly figures out how to adjust. But this is wreaking havoc on my sleep.  That and whatever GI issues I had last week took a very long time to go away, so I'm just feeling pretty drained all day.  

We went down to Austin Saturday to meet up with all my Austin Girls (the ladies I was in show choir with in high school).  Lloyd did great on the car ride down, around all the girls, sleeping in a strange place (we stayed with Lauren at her beautiful town-home--I miss a house staying clean like hers was tidy. sigh), but it stopped there.  He screamed a lot on the way home and our 3 hour drive home took 4 and a half hours.  At one point we were stopping every 30 minutes.  Which is hard on everyone.  And makes me nervous about taking him to Washington state this summer (on a plane, but still) to visit my sister (my brother-in-law will be deployed).  I think we'll end up being "those people" on the plane with a crazed toddler running around, but who knows.  
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