Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 43

Developments This Week:
  • First Unassisted steps.
  • Enjoying our first Easter egg hunt and Easter ribs.
I've got a whole Easter post coming up, there was too much cuteness to not.  But he did great with 60+ people, no nap, and all the over-stimulation.

He's got his first sickies right now.  He's been running a fever since monday. Yesterday it was about 101.4 all day, with Advil it'd go down to about 99.  Took him to the pediatrician and his ears and throat look perfect, again, so she says it's probably just one of the many spring viruses floating around. But if he still has the fever Friday we'll go back in.  Fingers crossed it goes away  He's still (for the most part) totally happy.  As evidenced by the last 30 minutes of him playing in the dishwasher (pulling the drawers out, throwing the clean tupperware around, talking to the utensils, etc).  But then he'll only ant to be held for hours at a time in the evening.  And all day he asks for "Dadda".  Luckily Coach is home by 3:30 these days, so he doesn't have to wait long.  He's also added at least one extra nap a day since this fever has started and now only wants crackers at meal time, but hey when I'm sick I nap extra too and only want Lays potato chips--so who am I to judge. 

He is such a sweetie.  I hate seeing him feel like crud. :(

He accidentally took 2 steps without our help this week. he's a walking fool as long as he has your hands or a piece of furniture to hold on to, but over the weekend we took him to a soccer game and he was walking with Coach towards me on the blanket and he just let go and took off. One. Two. and into my arms.  We were totally aghast.  And he keeps trying to stand up by himself.  He gets his legs and arms straight, on all fours, then can't get up and will crawl to you for help up.  Over and over and over again throughout the day.  It's not long.
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