Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 42

Developments This Week:
  • Lots of Momma and Dadda when he wants to be picked up, cuddled, or held.
  • Found out he is allergic to egg whites but not milk proteins any more. 
So he's allergic to egg whites which would effect us more if he ate processed food, but since I make everything myself it's not a big deal.  I'm still not sold that he's not come some kind of intolerance to dairy because adding it back into my diet has made him a little constipated. Doesn't help that he's got a really big runny nose and so he's either not pooping or it's runnnnnnnyyyyyy (and clear the room stanky).  So I'm not sure, I'm doubting some kind of tummy troubles with dairy even if it's not a full on allergy.

Shockingly, blows my mind, the storms that passed through our area yesterday hit national (and international) news in less than an hour.  We got emails and texts from friends around the country.  I guess shockingly because we've seen worse, this is the tail end of tornado alley, it didn't really phase us and everything here is fine. Lloyd and I had run out before the rain was to pick up to get his prescription about 8 miles from our house.  By the time we got there, paid, and left the outdoor warning sirens were going off and I looked at the radar to see a confirmed tornado touch down only a few miles from our house.  So I hauled butt to my in-laws house (only about 2 miles away from where we were, but hadn't gotten the rain or winds yet--freaky how it all works around here).  Lloyd and I parked ourselves in a closet and then in his Uncle's room for the duration of the larger rain bands.  All they got was a lot of rain, but we ended up staying for about 3.5 hours to ride it all out and make it safely back to our house further south after he took a nap.  Our whole neighborhood is totally fine, not even limbs down, but not 2 miles away is a mess.  Coach's school was put on tornado lock-down for an extra hour and that was interesting--locking kids in interior classrooms for 2 hours to ride it out equals chaos from overly chatty kids--but everything is good there too.  This article on the Huffington Post site was particularly poignant for our area. But everything went well. Crackers + toys = oblivious baby.

Also, this kiddo is a foodie: absolutely DEVOURED pork stuffed with goat cheese, rosemary, and mushrooms.  Then topped it off with some mango for desert.  Also enjoyed an avocado and pepper quesadilla for lunch.  I think we're having a mini growth spurt, so trying to get him some good foods with calories in them to help out.  Poor kiddo looks less and less like a baby every day.  Momma is not ready for a toddler! To which I hear, mommamommamommma from the other room for our bye-nighties feeding, lol.
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