Friday, March 30, 2012

Project 52 | Week 13 | Late Nights

Because we are crazy we added pantry demo and remodel to our list of things we've got going on in the midst of "Molar Madness". Coach hammered down the remaining shelves (and p.s. who caulks shelving into place? seriously?) and then I commenced with puttying the 800 screw and nail holes, sanding, and more putty. I have white paint but we both liked the thought of a fun color in the small space. Who knows when the next time the walls will be bare, so I wanted something happy and lasting.  

In marched the color we (aka I) chose for our guest bathroom (painting commences on the 16th when the texture guy gets here! yippie!), Pitter Patter by Olympic.  Which is pretty much Tiffany and Co. blue. heehee. I love that their paint is No-VOC and cheaper than Behr but just as good of a product. Especially since the space is small and obviously not ventilated.

I ended up painting the long wall in our laundry room too. bye bye grimy walls!  

But I've also got the regular: diapers to stuff, laundry to continue, kitchen to tidy, dog hair to sweep, and towels to fold.  Late night here, but well worth it.  My family is always worth it. :)
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