Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project 52 | Week 12 | Changing Shape

 Sorry I'm late, we got home an hour after Lloyd's bedtime last night. woops.  Too tired to blog.

I am 60 pounds lighter than I was the day I delivered Lloyd.  My pants all fit.  Even some that didn't fit before I was pregnant.  I am not in the best athletic shape, and might be in some of the worst "condition" that I've been in in years.  But I still feel pretty good about my body.  My stomach looks mostly flat.  My hips are even wider (the only obstacle to most pants), my feet went up almost a full shoe size (sad), my boobs are of course bigger, my bra size went up in both cup and rib sizes thanks to kicking feet and a big baby moving around, but my legs are thinner, my calf's smaller, my arms more toned, and my face thinner.

If I hadn't gained all that weight I would look like skelator right now because I'm still losing weight. Not as much as before, but a pound every few weeks. Whenever I work out at all I drop 3-5 pounds almost instantly because I can't seem to keep up a calorie intake equal to my output with breastfeeding.  I never intended to gain 50 pounds with Lloyd, quite the opposite.  And if you count the 12 I lost the first trimester, I certainly didn't mean to gain a net 62 pounds. I spent almost the first 5 months hounded by my doctor about my inability to gain a pound.  They had me drinking high calorie drinks twice a day.  Then it came on so fast!  I went immediately back to eating the way I've always eaten.  But still the weight packed on.  I think my body just stored everything and then after the baby started dumping it once it wasn't needed.  

But I do miss my size 8.5/9 shoes. I miss not having to worry if my tummy looks flabby.  I really miss my boobs fitting into any shirt I tried on.  But I'm ok.  Except the shoes.  I had to buy some size 10 flats today because I only have 3 pairs of comfortable shoes.  I have canoe feet.  ick.  

But if that's the price we pay for beautiful children, I'm totally ok.  He's too cute to regret a minute of it.
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