Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 41

Developments This Week:
  • Pointing to items he wants, pointing out items, and getting to items after he points to them.
  • We've got Muma (Mommy), Dadu (Daddy), and Doggga (doggy). Not all the time but when he's upset or excited he'll call us by "name". It's insane. 
  • Screaming. 
Starting last week he was incredibly fussy and crying a lot more. Come Saturday night, it was so much worse. So much worse.  He woke up at 3:45 and screamed, uncontrollably, flailing his whole body until after 6 when I guess the Advil finally kicked in.  I ended up laying with him in the guest bed almost the whole time after Coach tried to rock him, I fed him, Coach rocked him again, I fed him again and gave him the meds, we both cried, and I just held him in bed while he screamed until he finally latched back on and passed out.  He slept on and off until 9 but it was so brutal.  

His subsequent meltdowns have been so awful.  The sheer volume and pitch of the screaming will shake your filings loose.  You basically just have to hold him enough to keep him from hurting himself .  It's terrible.  So I took him to the doctor today and she checked his ears, everything.  He's fine.  "Fine". No fever or anything like that. So basically just stick it out until one of those pearly molars arrives.  

Can you sense my exhaustion? My feelings of failure and ineptitude? 

And I swear he bit me so hard tonight that I half expected to find my whole nipple in his mouth.  I screamed, which caused him to scream, then I had to call for Coach because I was hysterically crying almost as badly as Lloyd. It's times like this when he's using my boobs as teething rings that I wonder how much more I can do after he turns a year old.  I love nursing, I love the connection. Except for the fact that my son teethed way way way too early, he has more teeth than almost all kids his age, and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding.  I'm so proud to say he's never had any formula (and so lucky that we didn't have to go down that road, which is equally as difficult), that I've been able to stick this breastfeeding out for so long when I did not know if I could, but it's still hard. So freaking hard. And painful.
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