Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 40

Developments This Week:
  • This Sunday, Lloyd will be out of the womb longer than he was in it. Aka, he's been in this world longer than I was pregnant. That seems crazy to me.
  • He walks himself sideways down anything (ottoman, chair, couch, you name it), holding on.  
  • Pulling up, standing up, anything to make him more vertical. I wonder how long until he walks?
There's been lots of screaming this week too.  Not crying, but absolute hysterics.  I'm guessing we've got one of his first molars coming in.  That's the next to arrive, order wise.  He only wakes up and behaves like this before a tooth cuts in and we're about due for another one. They come about 1 a month now.  Awesome (hear the sarcasm?).  But the sooner he gets all his teeth the better is what I'm feeling at this point. Bring it tooth fairy, you evil witch.

At his 9 month doctors appointment friday he weighed in at 19 pounds 14 ounces (50th percentile, eek) and measured 31 inches long (>97th percentile, different type of eek).  He has to put more weight on or she starts to get more concerned. Mostly because instead of being on a growth curve, his weight is more on a straight line--which is where they get concerned.  So I've been struggling with trying to get him to eat more high calorie foods, but he continues to be mostly interested in veggis veggis veggis (and fruit).  So I'm trying to get creative.  Don't want to be in trouble!  

I also had to get his blood drawn to check on his food allergies, to see if it's all dairy or just lactose.  Which would help us know if we can give him cheese or what we are dealing with.  Cheese would put some fat on his little legs again, but I don't want him hurting!  I've been able to add periodic cheese indulgences back into my diet with no issues for him, so maybe it's getting better.  I hope, for his sake, that it does go away.  Poor guy.  But they took 3 vials of blood! He's so tiny, so maybe that'll make him more sleepy tonight?  I could use a full nights sleep, he's been waking up with the teeth hurting so it's hard on everyone.  He gets sooooo upset so easily and doesn't like to play by himself.  Poor guy is unhappy; freaking teeth! I just hope the next baby doesn't take teething so hard.  Poor babies, it's awful to see them hurt.
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