Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 39

Developments This Week:
  • Mr. Pulls-up-on-everything has to be watched like a hawk.  Because he keeps falling and knocking his head. I feel like an absolutely horrible mom.  Terrible.  No matter how carefully I watch him, that 5 seconds you turn to say anything to your husband, bam.  It's terrifying.
Coach is home this week (mostly, thanks soccer season. bahhumbug), so we get lots of fun errand time and play time.  We've also made a list of things to accomplish this week. We've gotten a grand total of 1 done.  Most are related to the bathroom remodel that has haunted us.  We took the light fixture down to replace it only to find it wasn't going to be that easy (of course).  So then the remaining paper removal, paint/texture, vanity hanging, all that junk--yeah.  I haven't even bought the other paint can because... well.... what's the point if we've still got to move the whole fixture box--aka figure out how to move it exactly 1.5" without having a stud to nail it to.  You can even see the punch where they initially started to put it then realized they'd framed out the bathroom off center. Luckily (for the builders) the previous owners were cheap and horrible decorators, so their nasty hollywood light hid this off-center box, but now that we're putting something in that looks like it doesn't live in the 1960's we've got to move it over so it doesn't look completely off-center over the 2 sinks and vanities.  WHY!

So that's whats going on here..... On the plus side Coach is home and we've getting lots of family time and Lloyd is as cute as ever.  
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