Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project 52 | Week 9 | Luxury

Coach's mom watches Lloyd for a few hours every Friday.  It started about a month or so ago and I think it's about half her wanting dedicated Lloyd time every week, and the other half to help me out for a few hours.  But I'm pretty sure it's more 75% Lloyd time and 25% wanting to give me a break. haha.  Lloyd has some truly loving and amazing grandparents, and he loves them back an awful lot.  

So sometimes I go to the store by myself, take care of phone calls (last week all I did was chase down information for my mom's estate again, it never ends despite my sister doing a great job trying to take care of most of it), take a relaxing shower, or just take a nap.  This week I actually went to visit a friend who is going through some truly horrible stuff and then went and gone my nails painted. I hadn't had a pedicure since 2 days before Lloyd was born.  I talked to my sister and laughed a lot while getting rose pink on my little piggies.  I also got to read a magazine and a book (Council of Dads, so amazing) for a while in dead silence. 

No noise is a luxury too when you're used to baby chatter and classical music all day.  Oh the luxury!!  But I missed my little man and could help but swell with joy when he smiled big smiles and crawled towards me the second Coach and I walked through the door to pick him up and go to dinner.  Being a mom is a luxury when so many cannot.  But it doesn't make my few moments alone any less amazing when I'm able to steal them.  
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