Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 52 | Week 7 | Out-takes

Because those little squirmers don't like to hold still when there is so much to learn and explore. 

But sometimes the "screw-ups" are the best part. And lead to some truly great photos. But I continually have to remind myself that it's ok for me to mess up and not be perfect.  Some of life's best moments are the ones sullied by imperfections.

Project 52 is a weekly diary of life.  Sometimes one photo sometimes a few.  I learned of it and followed over to StyleBerry and have been reading both hers and Chelsea's (where I read hers for a long time). I wanted to do my own but didn't have the guts to not look like a total dork blog-stalker.  But I kinda decided to get over it.  I love that at the end of my Mommy Diary I will have all of Lloyd's first weeks chronicled.  I wanted to do something for me.  I need to maintain me too. So while I think I'm going to do my Project 52 on motherhood, I want to focus on how being a mom changes me or makes me a better person.  Not on something Lloyd did that makes me a mommy.  If that makes sense.  Maybe it'll force me to do some things that are good just for Mommy.  So here we go. I have the others I did but never posted and I guess I'll just back-post them eventually.  Don't judge me.  I swear I blog-stalk in a good way. :)

Inspired by Chelsea at Finding Joy which is where I learned about StyleBerry's Project 52
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