Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 37

Developments This Week
  • Wonder Week 36 is here in full force.  It's not even crying, it's screaming
  • Some of his 12 month clothes are no longer fitting.  Sad Face.
  • Clapping! and lots of it!  It's adorable. 
I've started playing some of my mom's sermons for Lloyd.  I was given a CD with all her sermons at her first church after her funeral.  Hearing her voice makes me feel really good.  Like she's still connected to me.  She had such a kind voice and kind words, such wisdom.  Maybe I'll post them online one day.  She talks about us a lot in her sermons.  That makes me feel really good.  I've been writing about her a lot lately.  Is it hard to read about her if you knew her too?  

I had a wonderfully long conversation with an old friend on Friday and I know when my Mom died it hit her and my Austin friends pretty closely too because they knew her.  They're the last friends I had who did know her, the only who have memories of her well.  I don't feel normal talking about her comfortably with most people because they only knew her as a cancer patient, or my mom as a distant person who was a priest.  But within these sermons she's the mentor, the open ears, and the strong woman that so many people were touched by.  Maybe one day Lloyd will sit down and listen to this CD to get to know his grandmother.  I hope he is the kind of man who will.  

In the meantime I want to make him one of these Books of Names and Faces (from Pinhole Press) for his birthday in a few short months (ack!).  I've already started making an annual photo family album (2009 is done) based on the idea from here and the best photo organization tip I ever read (but can't remember where I read it at) was to title your photos by date starting year, month, date and then any identifying information so they'll sort correctly in any way you upload them (aka 2012 02 29 Week 37). It's nice to see all these old photos.  And to do something with all the photos that we never print. And the photo books are much more condensed versions of the old school photo albums of yore.
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