Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 36

as if he's saying "what what?"
Developments This Week:
  • Senior Crankypants is in the house!! Wonder Week is here!
Man, the screaming and crying is intense.  He just wants to be held and cuddle.  He's figured out he gets to cuddle just as much by being a sweetie as by screaming.  What a turd.  He's such a sweet and affectionate little guy but this is such a big effect and change.  But I hope that this means I'm raising a man who is not afraid to hug, kiss, cuddle, snuggle, and express whatever he is feeling.  But it's still exhausting at the end of the day during these periods of new development.

I've really tried to consciously make choices in how I speak to him every day, how I act towards him, how we "reward" him when he does something great.  I feel that I speak to him in the same manner I would speak to a daughter, but they say mothers of boys have a tendency to not be as vocal and talkative to them.  I don't know how much more I can talk to him! And this little boy loves to hug and kiss and cuddle.  

All I can think is that I want him to be a husband that can communicate with his partner or spouse in a way that supports their relationship.  That they are never in any doubt how he cares for them.  Although if he doesn't pinch his spouses butt like his Daddy pinches mine, I'd be okay with that. :)

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