Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 35

Developments This Week:

  • Crawling. Really quickly. Including after toys that roll across the floor.
  • Tooth #7 snuck in.
I just typed a whole entry and it went somewhere into the internets to never be found. SO ANNOYING!

Anywho, tooth #7 snuck in without any warning.  I take that back, he started waking up at 1am every night.  Which is bizarre!  He also was taking forever to fall asleep so it was only like 3 hours after he would go to bed.  Then Coach's Mom noticed the tooth on Sunday and come Monday morning it was there in all it's painful glory.  Poor guy! How did I miss that?  So a little tylenol is taking the edge off the ear pulling and crying.  

I also made homemade pizza on Monday for our un-valentines day dinner.  My mom has the best pizza dough recipe ever and we love to make it and load it with lots of toppings.  Which included mushrooms, zucchini, caramelized onions, butternut squash, and a little homemade pesto.  Even though fake "cheese" just doesn't melt or taste anything like real cheese it was still amazing as usual.  I think the squash made the "cheese" seem more creamy too.  Lloyd flipped out though. He just started picking/sucking all the toppings off the dough and seriously zoned out for 45 minutes eating.  Continually shoveling food in. We eventually just took the tray of mangled dough away and put him in the shower.  He usually is super talkative and holds his food out for you to "see", but not with pizza. Homeboy was concentrating.  It was hysterical.  So cute!  He loves his food and baby-led weaning wins again!
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