Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 34

Developments This Week:
  • More and more crawling.  He started chasing the small balls from one of his toys around the living room for about 5 minutes.  Then he got bored and was "stranded" in the middle of the living room.  
The last few weeks it's been semi boring around this house.  We're just watching Lloyd maneuver his little body around and it's pretty entertaining to us but probably not to others.  He is so chatty and talkative during the days too.  I am so sincere when I say I wish I knew what he was saying.

He has also started this very strange maneuver with his hands.  He holds his hand out either side-ways or palm up and pulls his fingers into his palm.  I think it means "help me stand" because that's usually when he does it.  Who knows, but he is honestly trying to communicate because he does it consistently throughout the day.

Coach has been sick now for a month. He went to the doctor a week ago and they ran 3 sets of bloodwork.  He has elevated liver enzymes so they ruled out Hepatitis (frantic 24 hours!), but they put him on a high dose antibiotic for 2 weeks then he will have blood taken in 2 more weeks.  So I guess they're trying to rule out a bacterial infection.  But this man has never been sick practically other than exhaustion. So it's been really difficult to do anything around here with a demanding baby and a lethargic husband.  We're all ready for him to feel better. I want to know what was making him run a 103 fever and elevate those enzymes. I mean seriously, weird right?

I also have a going green post coming up once I find the time to photograph my reusable un-paper towels.  I've made just over a dozen and I love them.  So much easier and better to clean with than real paper towels, and already saving us rolls of the disposable stuff (aka going green, but most importantly saving us $$$$$).  Can you hear the granola crunching over here? haha.

and because you can't have enough Lloyd:

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