Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 33

Well this week has been pretty quiet other than watching him try SOOOOO hard to crawl.  He just stretches one side of his body as far as he can, then pulls his other arm out, pushes and stretches the other side, repeat.  It's hilarious and we're cheering him on all day.  It feels like he is so close!  
for example, this is him crawling towards me when we were trying to get the above photo ready.  Notice the crazy outfit. :)
We put on all the new face-plates to our electrical plugs last night because he's already been interested in them. Crazy to think we're already child-proofing.  It feels like he was just born, just unable to even hold his head up.  This time is flying, and I know I say that every week, but it really seems like it. No one can prepare you.  

He loves to pull himself up and gets really close to figuring it out but gives up.  Part of it is he hasn't figured out how to plant his feet yet so he ends up doing the splits almost.  He is so curious.  Going to the grocery store or out and about is an adventure for him.  It's really adorable. And since we go out during the daytime, there are a lot of grandma's out and about who just love to comment on how cute he is and how gorgeous his eyes are. He is always sure to give a big toothy grin.  And boy have those teeth come in! It is still weird for Coach and I to look at him when he talks (which is all the time) or smiles (also, a lot of that going on) and see all 4 top teeth staring back at us.
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