Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guest Post on Rockin Green

Wowie!!! I'm a guest blogger on Rockin Green Soap's blog right now!  They posted a request for guest bloggers on their facebook page last week and after sending them our story they decided to publish it on their blog.  We use their detergent for cloth diapers (and now our regular laundry).  What is even cooler is that it is a small company started by a woman who needed soap for her kids sensitive skin, and she's a Texas Momma!  Double trouble!  

We even got a free sample of their new Pet House Rock and I'm really excited to wash our nasty dog beds in it and see how fresh and clean they get.  I swear you can wash those things daily and they will still be filthy in seconds.  That left over rawhide stuff just cakes those beds in weird ways.

It's nice to not have to buy 2 different detergents (one for diapers and one for laundry) because the price is reasonable and we've noticed less skin issues.  Both Coach and I have super dry skin and with all the weather changes sometimes even using the "unscented" detergent readily available we sometimes get the itchies.   So really, I'm excited because I feel like I'm supporting a U.S.A., local (ish), small company and they honestly make great products.  I'm a mini-non-celebrity.... or not. But it's definitely cool!

I also have a Going Green post coming up that I took some fancy photo's for on friday.  But Lloyd is crawling so I'm now adding "baby herder" to my SAHM job description. :)
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