Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 31

Developments This Week:
  • He figured out that banging toys together makes noise.  He just started doing this!
  • He is suuuuppper chatty.  But not only chatty, he changes the timber of his voice, looks at you for cues, etc.  So basically, we have no idea what he's trying to "tell us" but he's certainly trying to "say" something and "tell" you about things.  It's adorable.
He's starting to get really irritated when he is on his tummy and he cannot reach something. He'll stretch his whole body and pump his legs but hasn't started propping himself up to prepare for crawling.  

I love this blog asking the question if you kiss your baby on the mouth.  Lloyd is starting to understand kisses and likes to "nuzzle"/drool-all-over-you back.  It's damn adorable. Personally, I think little baby kisses are the best and I'm getting as many as I can.  Plus baby breath smells really cute--don't judge me. :)

31 Weeks? I mean that is crazy!!  I feel like I should start thinking about his birthday party already it's going that fast.  He is so fun to watch every day.  He's figuring different and new things out every single day at this point.
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