Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mommy Diary: Week 30

Developments This Week:
  • Just in a holding pattern for those teeth.  Lots of new foods though.
New Foods:
  • Spagetti Squash (loved, also got a little tomato in there with it and devoured the whole thing)
  • Oatmeal (with bananas as sweetener)
  • Tried Green Beans again (and ate them)
  • Cheerios and Rice Chex
Already our little boy eats better than a few adults we know  I don't know when they start dropping feedings, it depends from baby to baby, but he's definitely eating the most adult food at the evening feeding and has subsequently stopped eating as much at his post-bath/pre-bedtime feeding.  

Which leads me to another strange occurrence the past 3 nights: doesn't want me before bed. I used to feed him, he'd either go to sleep there or he'd fall asleep after I laid him in his crib post-feeding.  Now? Uh no, wants almost nothing to do with me after the bath, will eat a little bit but then cries a little and talks to Coach, who then picks him up, rocks him a little and gets him to bed  If I set him down, screaming ensues.  I think we're headed to a new bedtime routine including books and cuddles and less centered on breastfeeding. Which is good (ironic considering my Giving Thanks post yesterday and coming to terms with our nighttime schedule).  So we'll see, eh?  
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