Friday, January 6, 2012

Mommy Diary: Lloyd's First Christmas

Coach and I decided months ago that we wouldn't be giving Lloyd any big presents.  But he still made out like a bandit, especially from Miece and Papa (Coach's parents).  We are so fortunate to have such generous family that this little boy has wanted for nothing.  He got a bunch of clothes (which we asked for since he's growing too fast for his cousin's to outgrow their hand-me-downs).  So we had almost no PJs that fit going into Christmas. But he got an amazing hand made toy chest from his grandparents and it is gorgeous. It's so large that I'm going to have to sew some kind of partition(s) for it and it won't fit in his room until we take the glider/rocker out, so right now it's holding his toys in the livingroom. 
our present from Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Jon, we haven't even put batteries in it he just likes playing with the balls.

Overall, a great holiday followed up by a great New Years in Oklahoma.  We could have done without the teething but hey, you win some you lose some. 
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