Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giving Thanks #7

I haven't done a Giving Thanks post in a while and I have a big one that I've struggled with being thankful for. I'm thankful my son loves me so much, is instantly comforted by me, and will not go to sleep at night without me. I get to carry him to bed every night and kiss his sweet cheeks. I tried being upset about it because it meant Coach and I didn't get night-time dates, that I'm missing a really good friends wedding in New Orleans in 2 weeks, that I don't know when Coach and I will be able to take a 1-2 night "vacation" away from home. But then I think about how Lloyd has beautified and simplified my life, and how incredibly fast these last six and a half months have flown by. This time we get with our children as helpless little angels is so short. So if it means Coach and I take in matine films and lunch dates for a few months--I'm ok with that.

We are already so lucky to have a happy, healthy baby in our arms every day. I'll gladly sacrifice 7pm reservations to tuck my son in every night until it's boy cool any more. And even then, I'll still be sneaking in to kiss him goodnight.
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