Friday, January 20, 2012

First Foods: BLW

Baby Led Weaning has been a total success over here at Casa de Crocker.  3 meals a day, and every day he eats more and more.  And he loves meal time.  We've snapped some pretty cute photos of it and I thought I'd share.
Green beans and carrots
Butternut squash (his favorite) and pork (which he liked more than anticipated)
cantaloupe, didn't take him long to figure out how to clean the rind
avocado, one of his very favorites even if we have to strip him naked when he gets it. 
Can I just say how glad we are that we only make 1 meal for our whole family.  That he eats everything and anything you give him (well, except for broccoli), and he loves meal time.  There is no fighting over foods and no "choo-choo" sounds to try and get him to eat.  He has complete control over how much and how quickly he eats, and so yeah we spend a long time at the dinner table but I think that's a good thing  We catch up on our day, have family time, and eat slower.  Baby Led Weaning definitely is working for us, and although it's not for everyone--it is a great thing for our little guy.

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