Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Changes are Afoot

My sister, Caitlin, is married to an awesome man.  Love him, and he and Coach are like long-lost brothers.  The only crap thing: he's in the Army.  Which means they get to move around the world for the next 20 years.  Which is exciting in its weird way. Caitlin and I grew up in that life and so it never really intimidated her.  In fact, it's weird thinking that Coach and I will be in our house forever.... that we won't be moving every 3 years.  Stranger still, I've never lived in the same place longer than the 7 years we lived in Austin after my dad died.  I've lived in the metroplex on and off since 2002, we've been in this house 2 years, I was in my house in Watauga for 2 years before that, but it's incredible that my children will know this place as home.  That to them home will be a place, and not just your family.  

Growing up home was where our stuff was, where our family was.  It was never attached to a location.  Even know when people ask me "where I'm from" I get this weird look in my eyes because I am "from" no where.  My dad was from New Orleans/Louisiana, my mom from Houston, we lived in Austin the longest, but does that mean I'm from any of these places? Even when my mom sold our house in Austin where we'd lived for a long time, it still wasn't that big of a deal to me because it was family that made a place a home.  

Now I'm losing my family. My home.  To military moves, cross country adventures, and 20 years of military life.  Caitlin mentioned how she's struggling with it.  But on Sunday it finally hit me how sad I am that she'll be 2000 miles away in Washington state.  Right now she's 3 hours away.  I can see her really quickly if I wanted to.  But in the middle of March, it's kind of all over and official--she's a military wife and my only family is really far.  I already miss her so much.  

We talk all the time on the phone and that's great.  Skype is amazing.  But I'm going to miss her pregnancy (whenever that happens), miss her kids growing up, she'll miss Lloyd's growth and change, our future kiddo's.  There'll be no impromptu outdoor barbecue's like we've had for the past few years.  My home is leaving.  And now I have this new home, this new family.  But home is never a place, it's people.  It is also what you make of it I suppose--I just miss her already.  It's just her and I, the dynamic duo.  It makes it so much harder that neither of us have our mom to call when we need to feel better, or need advice, or need an ear.  

But there's exciting parts too. We'll visit them in exciting Fort Lewis, a part of the country I've never been to surprisingly, this summer.  I'm already pumped to visit them around the world.  Ohhhh times, they are a changin!
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