Sunday, January 8, 2012

2nd Anniversary

I never did get around to even saying what we did for our 2nd Wedding anniversary.  Lloyd still is not participating in date-night, aka he won't take his last feeding via bottle.  So we had to adapt.  We ended up going to a movie at Movie Tavern during the day the next week once Coach was out of school.  It wasn't fancy, but neither are we, and it was nice.  I wanted to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so stinking bad, and to some that would not be the right movie for an anniversary, but it was a great movie and we enjoyed the afternoon out.  We don't traditionally do anything for our anniversary or valentines, but I usually try to make something for our "Love wall" in our bedroom--aka right above our bed the random assortment of frames, plaques, and various objects that mean something to us or symbolize something important.  So I whiped these up from ideas I got off pinterest. 
our dates: birth dates, day we met, day we were engaged, and wedding date
we can write on the frame, so far Coach has added some more entertaining reasons, but it's fun.
So far, best anniversary present is our beautiful family.  So yeah, we're lucky we found each other. :)
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