Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 27

Developments This Week:
  • Screaming like a banshee for no cause (I wont say no reason).  Awesome.  Which leads me to bullet number 2.
  • We have 4 top teeth coming in.
Yeah, that's right.  4.  Of the top teeth.  Which have to cut through a major chunk of skin to emerge, which is why they are the most painful and give babies the most grief.  It looks like the side ones may emerge first, then the 2 center.... All he wanted for Christmas is his 2 front teeth? Oh hell no, 4!! (facepalm) My kid the overachiever. So he screams a lot all of a sudden. And just wants to be held. And doesn't take naps. But otherwise he's a super happy, rolling like a fool, sitting up, playful little guy.  Except for the occasional screaming. 

He had his 6 month check-up last friday, did really well with all his shots and goodness.  He is officially 29 inches long, 18 pounds 3 ounces.  So he only grew 1 inch in two months (he had been growing an inch a month so he's "slowed down").  But even then he's essentially 100th percentile for height according to the pediatrician.  He's only 60th for weight, which she said she'd be more concerned about except that he doesn't sit or lay still, he's always moving and playing, so it's to be expected with a baby who grows so much and is so active.  We don't go back until 9 months.  March.  Which seems forever away but I never thought I'd make it to 6 months! I mean, he's sleeping 7-9 hours a night! Last night he finally went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up at 7:30!  I woke up not.once., even to pump! Of course I had to pump right before he woke up because I was in agony, but I felt awesome!!! I forgot what that felt like! It's heaven! I got to wake up on my own! (enough exclamation marks for you?)

Life is simple some times when you're a mother.  

So that's it. I have a post I want to write but I still can't.  Basically, it's been a year and the day came and went.  Maybe later.  But the LSU shirt this week is for her.  I love you Mom.
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