Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 26

Developments This Week:
  • We roll 360 degrees constantly, he may not show any indication of crawling but he can roll himself around the living room with no issues for sure.  He's quick!
  • Started foods.  And so far, yay!
  • Constantly sleeping at least 6-7 hours a night.  Last night he slept from 9pm to 6am!!
  • He can grab almost anything of any shape and size. But round things piss him off.  Water bottles are his new favorite toys. They've almost over-passed his obsession with cups.
The food and the sleeping are not related.  He barely eats anything, but he sure does love playing with what we give him. So far he loves sweet potato, butternut squash, acorn squash, banana's, and apple.  We have been trying to give him broccoli for 2 nights and he'll nibble on the top bits but continues to make "uck" faces and doesn't mess with it like he does the other vegi's.  He loves the yellow/orange squashes.  He's on the fence about green beans and zucchini squash.  He tolerates the cereal stuff mixed with my breast milk but he knows there's banana in there too at the end, so he waits for that then will practically maul you to get the banana.  Not much of it goes down (they still haven't figured out lips or swallowing yet, so at this point it's mostly about texture and taste), but he seems to enjoy it.  We all sit down to eat and he gets his food and we enjoy a nice peacefully dinner.  he talks to us, plays with his food, and it's nice to enjoy 3 meals a day sitting down.  We're kinda doing a mix between Baby Led Weaning and home-made puree's.  He  isn't a fan of puree unless he's had it in it's real form to play with.  But he knows the spoon is faster. So it depends on the meal.  

He also loves to roll everywhere now, you have to watch him like a hawk and changing his diaper is a game.  Speaking of diapers, he now has stinky poopy thanks to the food addition. And he also makes a HILARIOUS poop face.  Because he's the child of two Anglo-saxton pasty white people, his face turns bright red and he grunts.  It's amusing to say the least.  

This Wonder Week and growth spurt is also making him senior crankypants to the extreme. No naps are occurring either.  One in the morning then it's play time, boob time, brief nap (as long as I don't move), and then repeat. Which is most of the sleeping at night phenomena.  

Can't believe his first Christmas is approaching.  Just nuts that this time has flown by.  I made it 6 months exclusively breastfeeding!  You have no idea how incredible that is until you have a child!  But I feel like I won a freaking Olympic medal!

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