Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 25

Developments This Week:
  • sitting longer unassisted.
  • Wonder Week 26 has arrived. sigh...
We haven't been getting much sleep lately.  Before his teeth came in at around 4 months he was a super regular sleeper, woke up the same time every night and every morning.  I never had to set an alarm to wake us up because he was always awake at 8.  And, technically, he was "sleeping through the night" (which is 5-6 hours according to the books).  Then the teeth came in and blew all that to smithereens. 

Ever since then we've had erratic sleep schedules and it's a total crapshoot.  I tried everything in the book, but it didn't matter and nothing threw him back on any type of schedule.  So here we are at almost 6 months (what!) and we're still playing the wake-up in the middle of the night game.  For instance, 2 nights ago he woke up at 11:30, 12:30, 4:00, and 7:45.  I let him cry it through 11:30 because he was barely awake (he always goes down at 9).  At 12:30 we had blood curdling screams, and ditto at 4.  When he gets like that he will work himself up so much he starts choking.  So that whole "just let him cry it out, he can do it" is bullshit for my kiddo.  Then he will eat an insane amount, proving that he was (indeed) freaking hungry and not just missing me.  Last night he woke up at 12:00 and 7:00.  What!  Now THAT is what I'm talking about.  Do I have any idea what the difference was? No. Did we do anything different? Nope.  So hopefully we'll recreate it tonight. I'm exhausted.

Yes, he should be "sleeping through the night" by now.  But he still has horrible acid reflux (I forgot to give him his medicine one morning and wow, spit-up everywhere for 2 days) and he seems to be perpetually in a growth spurt.  For goodness sakes, he's in 12 month clothes! So while I know the book "say" and people tell me all their stories, I just want him to sleep long enough so I don't feel run over by a mac truck in the morning.  He'll get there eventually, because nothing seems to be making a difference anyway.  But boy is it frustrating to not know what kind of night it will be--easy or hard.  

But already this Wonder Week is giving me grief.  This is when they figure out relationships. As in, they have separation anxiety.  And he's clingy, refusing the nap, doesn't want to play alone as much as usual, and all the fun things that always go with a wonder week.  So we'll soldier on through this one as well. And sometime in the next week or so we'll hit that infamously difficult 6 month growth spurt.  Yay.  Good thing I've got most of my Christmas sewing already pieced together this week.  After the holidays I'll have to post a compilation of all the cute stuff I made. :)
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