Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mommy Diary: 6 Months Old

sorry this is so late, I've been so sick and not suitable for photographing. I finally gave up and am posting without myself, I am miserable.

Developments This Month:
  • Becoming a rolling fool.  360 degree rolls are now easy and frequent.
  • Sitting up unassisted, even if it's only for short spurts.
  • Starting food!
I cannot believe our little boy is 6 months old! Time is flying by and he is changing so much.  I look back at all the photo's I've taken thus far and I can see huge changes.  He is physically larger but he is also so smart, has come so far mentally and developmentally.  He has a hilarious, playful, fun little personality.  He loves to reach for you, roll towards you, and smile at you.  He is so much fun now.  He gab's at you when he wants your attention, yells when you've spaced out, and watches you do everything.  Our little mimic.  Vegetable lover.  And general goob.  What a ham.  

6 months Lloyd, we love you so much! What a big boy!!!
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