Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 24

Developments This Week:
  • Sitting up easier with minimal assistance.
  • Loving our hand-me-down high-chair.  Aka, I get to eat real meals because he'll sit and happily play next to me.
Good friends of ours are having a baby in December and they got a high-chair from a friend that they don't need, and it's really nice. So although I fixed my old one this one is much more comfy and easier to strap him safely into. And so far--success!  He sits in it happily while I cook, eat, blog, etc.  He just likes watching you!  

His sleep patterns are still all wonky following those teeth and it's starting to wear on me despite all my efforts to remedy it.  While he's never been a great sleeper, he's now essentially reverted back to about a 1 month old. He used to only wake up at 2:30 every night and now it's a 2 feeding night and it's unpredictable.  And this is a baby who will not cry it out at night. He will choke on his own drool and end up hacking and you run in there to sit him up so he can cough out a massive amount of drool/tears.  It's just not a solution for us.  We go in for our 6 month checkup in 2 weeks and it's on my list of things.  Right after foods. :)  Which I'm getting really excited for him to delve into. I think he's going to just love experimenting. He's already soooo curious!

Thanksgiving was nice although I'm having a hard time missing my mom for our first real holiday without her. last Christmas we were all still too numb, but now it seems so hard.  I just hold onto my beautiful baby a little tighter. 
Just a little help needed!
sitting up by ourselves.... even for a second! aaannnddd... 
we had to go get our best friend. Screw sitting up!!
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