Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 22

Developments This Week:
  • sitting up with minimal assistance for longer periods of time
It's been a quiet but strange week for Lloyd. Nothing super exciting now that we've exited that Wonder Week and he's starting to really get used to seeing his surroundings in this new way.  He loves sitting up and holding, grabbing, and playing with toys.  He is playing by himself for longer and longer and is enjoying his independent play time again (thank jeebus).  It's important, they have to learn how to interact by themselves.  It also gives me a little time to take a seat and enjoy lunch, craft, or just relax my back. 

He still is screaming more than usual but we're not sure why.  There is some ear tugging, so it could be another tooth.  I though he might be getting a top tooth, infamously painful for them, but it has yet to appear so who knows.  He has tons of drool, but that's semi-normal.

He will grab anything in your hands.  Which, yesterday, included a blackberry. So I let him put it partially in his mouth and gum it--his face was HYSTERICAL.  He puckered up his lips and was all bug-eyed and shocked at the tartness. It reminded me of this because he totally kept doing it as was laughing.  He's going to love food when we finally start solids!

Also we got a new car this week and having air vents in the back has already proven useful and I'm so glad we made the MUCH agonized over decision to get a larger car.  It's amazing how much stuff you have to take everywhere with a baby.  My CR-V also had no air vents in the back--which in Texas meant a very warm baby during the summer with minimal ways to cool him off in the car.  So we got a GMC Acadia, which after doing 2 months of research on safety ratings, reviews, resale projections, and all that jazz--then talking it to death--we decided was the best (and safest) option.  The purchase was horrible and I would not recommend Classic GMC/Buick in Arlington (we're still randomly missing floor-mats they can't seem to find and are getting for us), but I'm overall exceedingly happy with the car.  Although learning new buttons and stuff is always kind of exhilarating, it was a really big decision for us buying a new car and going back to having a car payment.  It's a bigger vehicle without feeling huge, even though it's only 1% smaller than the Tahoe it doesn't feel as massive.  In addition, since we're planning to drive this thing until the wheels fall off and have multiple children during that time, we needed the space. So although I barely slept after we decided to finally pull the trigger and went to the dealer, I'm glad to have it. 

I cannot believe it's November either, anyone else blown away by how fast the year has flown by?
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