Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 21

Developments This Week:
  • Tooth #2 came in.  We are now looking surprisingly like a little chipmunk.  :)
  • Sitting up (while assisted) is our favorite activity next to bouncing in our jumparoo.  He will lean over, grab a toy, and push/pull/slowly manage to sit up-ish again.  he loves leaning over to try and get something.  His coordination is startlingly good these days.
  • We are starting to understand tone of voice.  Coach made him cry with a scary voice that surprised him.  Woopsies!
  • Our 3 hour car trip to Ft. Sill to see my sister and brother-in-law went really smooth, and we didn't have to stop!  He napped almost the whole way and was content to play with the toys on his car seat the remaining time! a miracle I never would have expected 3 months ago!
  • Obsessed with the Puggles. He follows them around the room with his whole body.  If you sit him near them he tries to get to them and pet them. And will pet them when they come up to him. It's adorable.  Donnie doesn't leave his side. Best bud's. :)
We're in a Wonder Week again I think.  The book says 19 weeks, but I think it started about last week and I finally thought to look in the book and low-and-behold, yup!  He is so clingy, fussy, and constantly wanting to feed.  And with those little teeth sometimes he nibbles--which makes me gasp. His naptimes are also a huge huge HUGE fight all of a sudden.  He gets himself worked up so badly that it sounds like he's going to choke so I have to go get him, but he's so worked up he won't stop crying unless I feed him, then he passes out. Which is, I know, creating a horrible pattern but I've tried everything and there's only so much screaming I can handle.  And it's not his normal cry.  He has huge crocodile tears, lots of snot, gets overheated, and then all the extra drool from the teeth--it feels dangerous. 

So basically there are lots of cuddles around the house these days.   And not much sleeping.  

And I blame  the time change for part of it.  Time change + already disrupted sleep schedule due to teething = nigh-times are a disaster and lots of middle of the night feedings.  I'm almost thinking he's in a growth spurt because last night he got so desperate I had to check my milk supply and there was barely anything so we had to give him a bottle of my milk I'd pumped a while ago.  And since he's mr. huge kid, I'm not disqualifying the possibility that he's having all off this plus a growth spurt even though they say the next big one after 3 months isn't until 6 months.  Hell, I did just buy him 12 month onesies.  Sigh. So basically every day is a struggle to figure out what he wants and how to keep him occupied and learning while not crying.  

Which means I barely have time to eat or drink (just like that first month).  Resulting in me being only 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into all but 3 pairs of my pants.  Although Coach pointed out, how much of that remaining 5 pounds is also from my boobs being 3-4 sizes bigger than they were pre-pregnancy I have no idea.  Either way, considering that means I've lost 45 pounds (please don't add those two together, it's a scary number I had no idea I was at until I'd already delivered) I'm feeling kinda like wonder-woman. My cousin was right, it really does fall off--you're too exhausted, too overworked, and too busy.  Even Coach has lost weight because we don't sit down ever, we're always playing with Lloyd so you're always rolling around, standing up, squatting, lifting, or something! AND when you can't eat dairy and that was a good bit of your snack food and extra calories, it's impossible to eat enough.  Dairy is in everything (especially everything that tastes delicious)!  And you can only have so many cashews and power bars to fill you up through the day without wanting to just say forget it.  

It's been a long week. Next week Twilight comes out and I'm so excited to meet up with Tiffany and see it.  We're hoping the early Friday showing will mean it's not insane, even if I have to scramble out of the house and hope Lloyd does ok with his grandma.  His mornings are pretty easy so he should be good. It's the afternoons that can get dicey.  First time I'm leaving him to do something selfish.  Hopefully I can relax and actually enjoy the date with my friend. I need it so badly!
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