Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Holidays, Take One

I am bringing pies to our Thanksgiving this year.  Coach's family does a big deal and all 50+ family members get together at his parents house to eat and then watch the Cowgirls Cowboys play.  Last year we were at my Mom's in Houston.  

This is our first thinksgiving, my first thanksgiving without her.  I'm baking her pies, in her pie crust, reading her handwritten recipes.  I had to log into my old email to search for another recipe today and found some of her emails from years ago.  

I miss her so much.  She was such a wonderful cook and was always making our house smell like home, and welcome, and family.  I really regret that Lloyd will never get to lick the beaters she hands him, or help her stir the Jambalaya on Christmas Eve.  My memories.  Or that I'll be able to cook for her as she plays with her Grandson.  I miss her so much it's unbelievable this week.  I'm smelling her pie's in the oven and cooling and I want to share them with her.  I want her to put her hands on mine to help me.  I need her hug.  

So this year I'm thankful for my beautiful family.  My wonderful husband.  My sweet life.  But mostly, I'm thankful for every minute I get with Lloyd--to show him all these things my mother taught me.  
always one of my favorite photos. Don't know why. circa 2005
cooking Christmas Jambalaya
Christmas 2005

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