Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 19

Developments This Week:
  • Our first tooth came in!!
  • Vastly improving hand-eye coordination
This week we also had his 4 month checkup.  He is 16 pounds and 2.5 ounces putting him in the 78th percentile for weight.  His height made the doctor laugh, apparently 28 inches is not even near the growth curve for his age.  Looks like he's taking after my side of the family.  Both Caitlin and I are over 5'10 and our dad was 6'5.  Coach's family, while taller than average, doesn't have much extra height so I guess he's getting that from those strong Gilmore genes.  Which, since he's proving to look like me at this age, doesn't necessarily surprise anyone. They're supposed to slow down around 6 months, but at this rate he'll be in his 12 month clothes by then (heck, he's already rocking his 9 month clothes).  It's all in his torso, which is definitely me since Coach has longer legs.  Ah kiddo.... no matter how tall you get, you will always be my little man.

Hard to believe for both of us that our little baby is 4 months old. The time has seriously flown by.  I remember those first weeks wondering how I was going to do it.  If I could even keep up with all the breastfeeding, if he was getting enough food, living on no sleep, wishing he would give me enough quiet moments to even breathe for a minute.  All those tears I shed trying to not fall apart (ironic) from sheer sleep deprivation, everything about that first month doesn't even seem real. I think you are sleep deprived so you can't remember.  Because you don't want to.  It's bad enough living it much less trying to remember it. And now I've made it to 4 months with a healthy, smiling, beautiful son who even when he's not feeling good is still a happy little boy for the most part. I didn't give up on breastfeeding and I'm so glad I didn't, I'm still in love with it and I still have another 2 months before we introduce food but even that seems so quick considering it's almost November.  

Before I know it he'll be going to college! ack!  But for now, we're sporting our one little baby tooth poking through:
My little man.  Already growing up so fast.  But just remember Lloyd: no matter how big you get, you will never be taller than your momma. :)

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